The Gospel According to…….

The Simpsons

The Simpsons - Voila!

One of my favourite families is The Simpsons. The tagline at the top of my blog is actually from Marge, or rather from her attempt at writing a book of romantic fiction. Week by week the family explore all facets of family life from the fantastic (Homer becomming an astronaut) to the mundane, (Bart’s continual collection of ‘fs’ on his school report). The programme has caused a lot of controversy in its 20 year history and has upset several religious groups along the way. On a recent ‘behind the scenes’ programme, Al Jean, one of the show’s producers, told of an incident that happened in the U.K in 2007. The Simpson’s Movie was being promoted and the marketing people decided to draw a cartoon of Homer (in his underwear and eating a doughnut) alongside the famous chalk drawn, Giant of Cerne Abbas in Dorset. The cartoon was designed to wash away in the rain and so was never meant to be anything other than a promotional event, yet a group of Pagans complianed that their site was being defiled by this image. Al Jean is actually quite pleased that they did complain as he feels that they must have upset every single religious group there is in their 20 year history!
Despite all the complaints though, The Simpsons have an enduring and endearing charm. Despite their difficulties and perhaps (because of) their dysfunction, they still love each other. They strive to be ‘good’ even though they often fail and they show an openness and tolerance to others that is exemplary.


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