An Attitude of Grattitude

One of the (many) good things about my job is that I am able to contribute to a local publication on a regular basis. Here is this month’s article, for those of you who don’t live near me!
An attitude of grattitude…
I have recently finished reading a hilarious book entitled, “The Year of Living Biblically – one man’s humble quest to follow the bible as literally as possible” by A. J . Jacobs.
Space does not permit a book review here – suffice to say, I recommend it. The reason I mention it, is because the writer, (A.J) finds himself surprised by how thankful he has become during his year on this project. He begins his quest as a self-confessed agnostic, unsure about the claims of religion, yet as he practises keeping the commands of scripture, he finds himself becoming aware of how much he has to be thankful for, and how that very thankfulness is changing him and his attitudes. It reminded me of the time I spent in Atlanta, GA, several years ago, on a placement with a community that serves the homeless. Every day, at lunchtime, the community opens its doors to those who are hungry and invites all who will to join the feast. One of the long-time volunteers, Rudy (who journeyed alongside Martin Luther King Jr during the civil rights campaign), regularly leads prayers before the meal. Everytime, he begins with, “Lord, give us an attitude of grattitude…”
Thankfulness is a powerful state of mind. It reminds us, who have much, that we have a responsibility towards those who have little. It reminds us too, that we are all part of something bigger than ourselves. Rudy’s words, summond from a life of caring for others are a challenge to all of us who seek a fairer world.


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