Spring is Sprung????

Winter seems to be on the wane these days. We’ve not had a flake of snow since I took myself off to the local Ironmongers and parted with £10.20 in payment for a snow shovel. £10.20 well spent, in my opinion!

The weather generally has seemed much warmer and the early plants in my garden are looking a bit droopy, ’cause they’ve been out for quite a while now.

These primroses are at the bottom of the garden….

and these snowdrops are just by the front door –well, back door really – but the main entrance to the house, anyway.

You can see that the crocus’ are on the way. I’m looking forward to seeing them again, they were soooo pretty last year. It’s hard to believe that I’m about to experience Spring in this place for the second time, but that’s the case.

Of course, the (slight) downside of all this lively activity is that the weeds are having a good go at breaking through and I shall need to engage with them pretty soon in order to stop them going for world domination. Sigh – I have a very long ‘to do,’ list at the moment – nothing new there though; I shall just have to bite the bullet and get on with it.

Sooooo, I s’pose I should sign off and do a bit of work before the day is over!


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