Thought F’Weekend


A week has passed since the cataclysmic earthquake and Tsunami struck Japan. Amid all the loss and grief comes a new threat, nuclear annihilation. In the scramble to supply aid and help to Japan, voices all over the globe are asking the same questions; everyone wants to know why and how this happened. Everyone is looking for reassurance. If we can find a reason, then we can avoid this happening again. It would be comforting were this the case but, unfortunately, we seem to be completely unable to prevent ‘natural’ disasters. After all, if a highly developed and resourced country like Japan can suffer such devastation, then who on earth is safe?

That is the heart of the matter. Of course we do care about the people who are suffering, but I wonder if our concerns are tinged a little with fear for ourselves? We, here in the U.K have nuclear power plants too. We are not subject to the same threats of Tsunami and earthquake, but how safe are we? I can only imagine what it must be like to have the ground beneath one’s feet pitch and roll away – it would be easy to think the end of the world had come.

Many of us are struggling to make sense of this seemingly senseless, loss of life and destruction.

Centuries ago, a Bronze-Age people believed that God was responsible for bringing down fire from the sky or flooding the whole world to wash it clean from humanity’s evil. Unfortunately there are still some Bronze-Age thinkers out there today, but for most of us, our thinking has moved on. We now know much more about the cause and effect of our exploiting the earth’s resources. Those of us who claim that God is love refuse to believe that God is responsible for such horror. We see, in the actions of aid workers and others who strive to help, the love of God shown by one person to another. That love is not to be underestimated. Love is patient, love is kind and love never gives up. That kind of determination is enough to rebuild a nation’s infrastructure and offer hope for the future.




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