A Wild Animal Encounter

The Day I Came Face to Face with a Giraffe.

Portrait Of A Giraffe

I'm not exactly sure how 'wild' my animal was, but it was certainly an unusual encounter. Many years ago, I travelled up to London to stay with my sister for a few days. Whilst she was at work, I set about the business of being a tourist. I soon got fed-up with the Underground system; I was beginning to feel that I understood what it was like to be a mole, coming up to the surface and blinking in the daylight. I decided to travel around the old fashioned way and walk.

So, here I was in the middle of the nation's capital, minding my own business, when, all of a sudden I find myself face to face with a giraffe! An actual, long-necked, really belongs in the African savannah, giraffe! I was quite taken aback.

When I say face to face, that is what I mean. I couldn't actually see the rest of the giraffe as s/he was peering at me over a tall hedge. After a moment or two, I realized that there was some kind of commotion going on on the other side of the hedge and that people were trying to coax my new friend back into her/his enclosure.

This was when I finally realized that I had reached the perimeter of Regent's Park Zoo and that the giraffe, although still within the confines of the zoo was making a bid for freedom.

S/he didn't make it though – I could hear from the valiant efforts on the other side that re-capture was imminent. Probably just as well. A giraffe on the loose in London could've caused all sorts of havoc – imagine sitting behind one at a West End show!

Anyway, it's an encounter I shall probably never forget.

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