Blooming Blooms

On my way down into town today I was amazed to notice how many trees were in full bloom! The whole place seems to have exploded with blossom over night…

This beauty is beside the library and this one is near the bus station – a bit of a grandiose title for a small piece of concreted space where the few buses that service the town occasionally congregate….

Sorry about the quality of the photos – I took them on my mobile as I didn’t want to miss the loveliness, but the camera’s not brilliant; not bad though, can’t complain really. Despite the relative dullness of today, (following on from some really lovely sunny, blue-sky days), the reality of spring is all around. What you miss in the pictures is the associated sounds of the birds. All over town they are singing their hearts out. At the moment, it’s a joyful and welcome sound, but if last year is anything to go by, they are about to drive me crazy with their incessant twittering. Last year, from mid-April until well into June, birdsong began outside my bedroom window at 4am and went on continuously until 10pm! I don’t know if I am particularly sensitive to their pitch, but I was certainly glad when they finally shut up!

I’m no twitcher, so I don’t recognize all the different birdsong. I daresay I shall get to know them soon enough. I currently have a crow that likes to perch on my roof and caw down the chimney. It’s like a soundtrack to a horror movie. The sooner s/he pushes off the better!

I am so glad that the warmer weather is on its way now. Hope you’re enjoying the changing of the seasons where you are. Wishing you every blessing! xx


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