Walking and Witnessing

Good Friday dawned bright and clear this year. It also started very early as my little feathered “friends” have taken to waking me at 4.30am with their very own version of Songs of Praise.

Folk from Churches Together in Nailsworth met at Christ Church for a 10.30 am service; a short reflective act of worship. Afterwards we set off into Town for our annual Walk of Witness, stopping at various points for readings, prayers, silence and songs. The weather was a huge improvement on last year’s when it rained and was very cold! See for yourself…

Here we all are then – setting off on our walk.

Two of our younger contingent….

Prayers at our first stop.


The final stage – but no pink bunnies this year – denied!

The Town was very busy and noisy today – a Friday just like any other, perhaps. The constant roar of traffic, beeping of car horns and loud shouts and talking from the populace was actually very helpful in creating the right atmosphere to remember the Crucifixion. I doubt that the people who witnessed Jesus’ journey to the cross stood in mute silence. I expect most folk continued to go about their daily business and if they did stop to watch, I doubt it was with reverence.

For me, the most striking thought came from some of the liturgy we used in the Church service – taken from “Stages on the Way” by the Wild Goose Worship Group, so I’ll leave you with that same thought:

    … He (Jesus) let them do their worst; until their worst was done, as on a Friday they ended it all…

    and would have finished themselves –had he not cried, “Father, forgive them…”

And began the revolution.



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