Wedding Fever

There’s no getting away from it. All day yesterday and all over the news today……

The marriage of Prince William and Princess Catherine. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, who could resist this sweet pic? Only the hardest of cynics surely?

Even on Facebook, where opinion is divided between my monarchist and republican friends, everyone is talking about the Royal Wedding; even those who complain there’s been too much talking about the Royal Wedding!

The radio informed me yesterday that about 2 billion people, worldwide, would be watching the televised ceremony and, from the look of the crowds outside Buck House, (Buckingham Palace to those outside the U.K), most of them were actually there! Now, I am not the squishiest invertebrate in the plastic bucket, but even I, yes, even I was drawn into the Disneyesque revelry of the occasion. Everyone, it seemed was there to wish this young couple every blessing as they embarked on this commitment of a new, shared life together. People were united in their good wishes and high hopes for Wills and Kate.

I suppose that there is a universal hope for happiness in the hearts of all those who find their life-partner. The feelings of love, respect and hopefulness are present in any who find themselves ‘tying the knot.’ Perhaps that was part of the fixation for most of us yesterday. We were reminded of all that could be; the happy ever after that is, in fact, the beginning of something new.


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