A Walk in the Woods, (sort of)


Hello Lovely People!

The weather here has been just about perfect for the past week, so I finally gave in and decided to get out and about in order to enjoy it to the full. I thought I’d take the camera so you can share the walk with me.  it’s nice and sunny, but not hot.  In fact there’s just the right amount of gentle, cool breeze to ensure optimum walkies conditions. off we go then.  It’s not long before I see this splendid forsythia, (if that’s the spelling).  Actually as this is right by the front wall of my house,’ ‘not long’ is something of an understatement, but it’s pretty, so let’s move on.

House in the woods

This grand house belongs to a not so near neighbour – here I’m just showing off my camera as it zooms in quite beautifully. I’ve never been inside the house, but I love the way it nestles in the trees.


At the bottom of the hill, beneath the house is a cycle track that leads to the next town, (about 5 miles away).  it takes about 5 minutes to get from my house to the beginning of this path.  The way leads down to a series of Mill Ponds – which really were mill ponds as they were created by the mill owners of the textile mills, who used water to power their equipment back in the olden days when our town was famous for its textiles. In recent years some restoration work has taken place and this is now a haven for wildlife. the information board lists all kinds of creatures who already live here, but today they must be all be out or taking a nap, because all is quiet down here.


Some nice, spring bluebells by the side of the path.


A shot of the path itself and, although they don’t show up very well, the path is carpeted with pussywillows.

Something there

The town in which I live is attracts a great many artistic and creative people.  One of my neighbours has made this sculpture in their back garden.  You don’t see that on Gardener’s World now do you?


Look at this splendid Willow – I think it must be a Grandpa!

What you can’t experience – because I didn’t capture them digitally – are the other people/bikes/doggies and the sounds.  So, to help fill out the experience, here’s a brief rundown of the missing stuff.

Number of people riding past on bikes = 10

Number of people who walked past = 7

Number of doggies out for walkies = 5

Number of doggies on leads     = 2 which meant….

Number of doggies who ran up to say, ‘hello’ =3 – luckily they were well behaved boys and/or girls, so no probs!

Number of birds spotted = 2 robins

Number of birds heard = hundreds, (judging by the raucous noise)

Number of Ducks seen = 4; 2 flying over at a fair old lick and Mr and Mrs Duck, here:

Mr and Mrs Meat Duck

So, that’s it.  My walk along the local cycle track.  Thanks for joining me.  Hope you’re enjoying life where you are!



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