Oh dear, my poor neglected blog!  Never mind, I now have a new purpose for you.  You, dear blog will be the repository of my scribblings from Write Club; the monthly space for 2 hours of creative writing led by lovely people and attended by lovely people, but I mustn’t talk about them because the first rule of Write Club is: what happens in Write Club stays in Write Club.  Still, I can put my own efforts here, so I am going to.

Last evening’s theme was taking inspiration from poetry and I came up with this:


The gull screams into the lowering sky;

Open wingspan stretches out into the cold, brisk air.

It swoops, suddenly; hovers briefly above the water then soars once more to the heavens.

I watch with quiet envy, this bold pilot – so graceful, so powerful; at home in its element and

I wish I could fly.

I would scream too.  I would tell all who could hear of the wonders of this gravity-defying world.

High above, the heaving waves are reduced to mere ripples; the tallest of mountains to pebbles.

I would climb and climb toward the stars; to greet the rings of saturn and circle the moons.

Then they too, would shrink and I would discover, I would discover, what?

Whole new worlds.

New perspectives.



Songs as yet unsung.

Stories never yet told.

Worlds that, until now I never knew existed.

Then I would return, like the seagull to the sea,

to tell my tale.


There.  That’s it then.  I would give you all the reasoning and apologies but Write Club has another rule – the blah, blah, blah rule which gets rid of all that.  Great rule.


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